Emerge Interactive Website Redesign
The Project
Emerge Interactive, an agency that executes digital product transformations, completed a re-platform and redesign of their website in order to evolve their online presence and find a way to increase lead generation.
Role: Producer and UX Designer
Budget: ~$60k
Constraints: Content Requirements, Resource Availability and Timeline
Gathered anecdotal and qualitative data from past clients to build user profiles
Completed an audit on available content to determine priority and value
Collaborated with a marketing agency to develop a solid strategy around lead generation
Created IA that resulted in a more organized site with fewer pages
I designed a user flow and low fidelity wireframes that balanced the marketing strategy with content requirements
Reviewed and iterated on designs until the team was confident the highest quality was achieved
I worked with a designer to translate the experience into a UI design.
High amount of collaboration between the team while solidified functional requirements into UI.
Created a scalable design system through a consistent design language
Defined functional requirements and translated then to user stories
Adapting the schedule to align with shifting priorities with the development team
Defined test cases to create a thorough QA check
Created a launch plan and executed
The site was launched in May, 2019 and within the first three months we saw a sharp increase in lead submissions as well as an 18% increase in users coming to the site.
As a result of this website redesign, we built a site that was well organized, effective and beautiful. The implemented marketing strategy used thoughtful conversion pathways in a way that spoke to the user in an unobtrusive way while giving them ample opportunity to engage with Emerge Interactive.

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