Website Redesign and Replatform for Xerox
The Project
Partnered with Xerox to implement improvements to their shopping experience on through a redesign and replatform project.
Role: Technical Producer
Budget: ~$500k
Constraints: Xerox DLS, Branding, Magento 2ERP Integration
Lead discovery and workshops
Identified pain points
Defined user journey to inform experience design
Insights lead to creating a design that:
Improved flow with
Better navigation
Focus on hierarchy of product information
Magento heavily influenced design
Closely collaborated with Xerox to keep aligned on expectations
Tried to stay ahead of unknowns as much as possible
Created a large implementation roadmap to align with sprint schedule
Continuous collaboration with Xerox to assess risks and coordinate feedback
End result accomplishes what was hoped for this project.
Persistence to solve each problem that came our way.
Ultimately didn’t get to see it released but so proud of the work the team did.

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